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Resume CPR

So you’ve had a great conversation with someone at a professional mixer and before you know it, they say the magic words: send me your resume.

There’s just one problem, you haven’t updated it in months and time is of the essence. You have maybe an hour to send it before your new connection either forgets you or the hiring manager they know moves along to a candidate who is already prepared.

What do you do?

Center Professional Rewards then Check, Preview, and Reference.

Let’s looks at the first CPR: Center Professional Rewards. Too often, resumes are simply lists of duties rather than demonstrations of professional accomplishments. “Responsible for filing.” “Handled phone calls.” These are both examples of things you did on the job but not necessarily things you did well. Review your resume for what I call “passive clock in, clock out” statements, and rewrite to center your reward.

So instead of “responsible for filing,” try “supported HR team by developing and maintaining filing system, organizing over 1,000 files using Salesforce.”

Once you’ve reworded your past roles, it’s time for another round of CPR: Check, Preview, and Reference.

Check: Meticulously look over your resume for grammatical errors, spacing issues, or different font/sizes. Read the resume aloud, which I find helps spot mistakes.

Preview: Open up your resume on your phone and from a computer. Margins sometimes go haywire depending on the file format and version. The fewer graphics and lines, the less likely this is to happen.

Reference: Is there a formal job description? Make sure your resume matches up with it. Plug words directly from the position into your resume so it translates well - but do not lie!

And that’s it.

Your resume will live to see another day.

Adriana C