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You have a mission. When you wake up every day and head to your office, you know what drives you. But things may not be working as well as they should. Maybe your staff is disengaged and burnt out. Perhaps you lack the manpower to take on the work you desperately need. Maybe there's a lack of funding and you don't know how to save money without laying off people who've been with you since the beginning. We understand.

Headquartered in the nation's capital, the team at Anaford Consulting works tirelessly for clients seeking passionate and knowledgeable advising. As a women-owned business, we've done the work at the ground level and know what it's like to work at maximum capacity with limited resources.

Our firm specializes in giving clients a custom-made, personalized service, from the seed of an idea to the final product. Our integrity is our biggest asset.

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Areas of Practice

Business process improvement

Organizations, large and small, tend to run on autopilot. Systematic issues may be overlooked or identified without any idea about how to address the issue. Anaford has the patience and experience to get your business running the way it should be - efficiently.

Team building

No man is an island, and neither are your staff. Anaford can help the lifeblood of your business - your employees- align their individual goals with the broader mission and vision. And they'll do is as a unit.

Strategic planning

Where is your business headed?  How do you plan to get there? Who is responsible for helping you get there? How should this plan be developed? Anaford will help you address these questions and more, using either the SWOT or SOAR analysis models.


No budget for a permanent Human Resources Manager in your startup or small nonprofit? No problem. We will work with you to design, facilitate, and evaluate training sessions for your staff. 

Organizational Change + MANAGEMENT

Change in leadership? Major shift in staffing? Sudden influx in funding for a new department or project? These are the kinds of changes that should be handled with the employee and manager in mind - ensuring a smooth transition and engaged staff.



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