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Your staff don't operate as islands and neither should any department in your organization. Anaford can help the lifeblood of your business - your staff- align their individual goals with the mission and vision. And they'll do is as a unit.

organizational development

The way business is done and how people approach work is constantly in flux, and organizations must adapt quickly. Anaford strives to help you anticipate these changes so that you can focus more on doing the necessary work - serving your clients. We make sure that your organization is in the best shape by leaning on Appreciative Inquiry, ADKAR, and several other change management and process improvement principles and models.


No budget for a permanent Human Resources Manager in your startup or small business? No problem. We will work with you to design, facilitate, and evaluate training sessions for your staff. 

I have a deep respect for the ingenuity and inclusiveness
— Carolyn J., Client

Strategic planning

Where is your business headed?  How do you plan to get there? Who is responsible for helping you get there? How should this plan be developed? Anaford will help you address these questions and more, using either the SWOT or SOAR analysis models.


Every organization needs a written guideline that is shared and understood by all staff. Maybe you haven't gotten around to developing one. Perhaps there isn't enough time to create a standard operating procedures manual. That's where we can come in.